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Deepening your connection to nature is a quick cure for a heavy heart. Time in nature brings health, joy and interest to life. Our courses focus on harvesting the wellness, connection, spiritual experience, joy, fun and sense of purpose that tracking, naturalist skills and wilderness craft bring. With the guidance of Knowing Wild staff you can delve deep into the mystery, fascination and vibrance of nature and gain skills for a lifetime of joy.  Our courses offer unique ways of engaging deeply with the natural world and life.  We are professional wildlife trackers with combined experience of more than 30 years.  We are good at what we do and can advance your skills as wildlife trackers and help you feel more fully alive, connected, joyful and wild. 

What People are Saying About our Programs and Mentors...

“I appreciated the freedom Caitlin gave us to be playful in a way that worked for each of us.  It was quite an edge for me to even imagine that my only job was to have fun … She held a very safe space that allowed me to fully embrace my playful side and I thank her for that.”  – Donna Helete

“I contacted Caitlin for help with a challenging work situation. I was so petrified with self-judgment and dread of doing something wrong in front of my more-experienced co-worker that I couldn't find any creativity for planning. I was ready to quit, but I called Caitlin instead… [Thanks to her guidance] I've been able to find more energy and creativity without getting bogged down in self-doubt and self-judgment.” - Jennifer Bresse

“Being mentored by Caitlin ... is akin to having a large fairy show up to take you on a marvelous magical deep nature connection journey dipped in sweet mystery, grace and fun.
Caitlin helped me face a fear of heights. That release in my body and success at the ledge has made a real difference translating into more courage in challenging situations....
My love and comfort in nature continues to grow and I have much gratitude for Caitlin’s mentoring in the field which has sparked more joy and connection in the wild...with love and a thankful heart” – Marie McCree

To read more about the benefits of nature read our “Why Track?” page.

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Knowing Wild

Need more time to relax and rejuvenate? Do you want more joy, health and satisfaction? Could you use some fun and inspiration?    Knowing Wild Can help....